MIUI ROM 4.7.25 Update Highlights

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MIUI ROM 4.7.25 Full Changelog



Fix - Sometimes, Power saving mode would FC (Mi 2/2S) (7-21)



Fix - Could not set volume to the maximum level during a call (Mi 3 WCDMA/CDMA) (7-21)



Optimization - Optimized the function of recognizing time information in messages (7-24)



Fix - Booting music didn't work when using default theme (7-25)



Optimization - There will be a prompt if a mail is not sent in 5 minutes (7-24)

Optimization - 'Quick response' will be sent to all (7-24)

Fix - When using QQ mail, clicking on contacts avatars would cause display error (7-24)

Fix - After pressing 'Refresh', the state displayed wrongly (7-24)

Fix - Send later button didn't work when failed to send a mail (7-24)



New - New Saver page UI (7-23)

New - Data saver exceptions list, allow some apps to use data without limit (7-24)

Optimization - Shared blocklist only blocks numbers in Blocklist. In customized rules, calls from strangers are allowed by default (7-24)



New - Added Xunlei download accelerating service (7-23)

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