MIUI ROM 4.8.1 Update Highlights

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MIUI ROM 4.8.1 Full Changelog



Fix - Sometimes sound would crack when using speaker (Mi 3/Mi Pad) (7-31)

Fix - Compass wasn't calibrated after choosing to calibrate it (Mi 3 TD) (7-31)

Fix - If enabled recording function for incoming calls, user would hear cracked sound or couldn't hear any sound (Mi 3 TD) (7-31)

Fix - HDCP check failed for wireless display (Mi 3 TD) (7-31)


[Lockscreen, Status bar, Notification Shade]

Fix - Signal bars and WiFi icon didn't show in some themes (7-29)



Fix - When taking pictures using front camera, thumbnail direction differed from the original image direction (Mi 3 WCDMA) (7-31)



Fix - It would FC when connecting phones with Mi Box (7-31)



Optimization - Optimized night mode (7-30)



New - Blocklist supports reporting junk messages (7-29)


[Xiaomi Service Security Plugin]

New - Support choosing between system account and MiTalk account when logging in (8-1)

New - Added SNS interface (8-1)

Optimization - Integrated MiTalk and current SDK interface (8-1)

Fix - Editing order information page would FC when pressing the blank area (8-1)



New - New UI (8-1)

New - Support recognizing QR code in local images (8-1)

New - Supporting scanning to check if a website is safe (8-1)

Optimization - Accuracy of QR code recognition (8-1)

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