MIUI ROM 4.10.17 Update Highlights

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MIUI ROM 4.10.17 Full Changelog

Note: Changelog marked out for Mi 3/4  is for MIUI 6, otherwise, it's for MIUI V5.


Fix - Some Redmi series devices failed to load resources (10-15)

Fix - Sometimes, another app's page will appear when exiting an app (Mi Pad) (10-15)



New - View SIM card capacity in Contacts settings (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)

Fix - Wrong prompt text when batch deleting call logs (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)



Optimization - Added more options in settings in message details page from a unknown number (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)

Optimization - Prompt icon when failed to send messages (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)

Fix - Might not be able to play a video after sending it via MMS (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)



New - Show recommended fonts in Themes app start page (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)

Fix -  Sometimes it gave errors when pressing the recommended content (10-15)



Optimization - Songs in an album are listed in the order of that in the original album (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)



Fix - Sometimes 'Factory data reset' did not work (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)



Optimization - Set default sync frequency to 10 minutes (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)Fix - Press Back in mail editing mode might not work (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)

Fix - Might still get pushed mails after disable system sync function (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)

Fix - After disable email notification from an account, still got notifications for new mails in the account's subfolder (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)



Fix - Could not view default ringtones when setting default reminder mode to 'Alarm reminder' (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)



New - Block numbers that are marked as fraud, telemarketing, etc. (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-15)

Optimization - Keyword filter of Blocklist does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-13)



Fix - Display error in clock page in reentering after using Home button to exit the app (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-13)


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Optimization - Security of Find Device (10-10)

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