MIUI ROM 4.10.24 Update Highlights

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MIUI ROM 4.10.24 Full Changelog


Note: Changelog marked out for Mi 3/4 & Mi Pad is for MIUI 6, otherwise, it's for MIUI V5.


Fix - Could not use WiFi on some devices, and it drained the battery quickly (Mi Pad) (10-23)


[Lockscreen, Notification shade, Status bar]

New - Show app icon when there're new notifications (Settings - Notifications) (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-23)



Fix - Aliasing occurred after rendering PNG images (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-21)



New - Support moving mails in trash folder to inbox in POP3 accounts (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)

New - After changing account password, support logging in using the new password by pressing the incorrect password prompt when syncing (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)

New - Pull down to refresh in combined inbox (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)New - Support opening embedded images (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)

Optimization - New Mail app (Mi Pad) (10-22)

Optimization - Animation when switching from mails list to folders list (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)

Optimization - Contacts order (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)

Optimization - Launching speed of Mail app (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)Fix - Could not add contacts in contacts searching page (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)

Fix - Could not view mails saved as drafts (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-24)



New - Set notification messages blocking rules separately in blocklist settings (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-21)


[Mi Credits]

Optimization - Optimized payment prompt UI and paying process when using Mi Credits to pay (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-21)

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