MIUI ROM 4.10.31 Update Highlights

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MIUI ROM 4.10.31 Full Changelog
Note: Changelog marked out for Mi 3/4 & Mi Pad is for MIUI 6, otherwise, it's for MIUI V5


Fix - Sometimes, there was noise coming with notification sound in earphones (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-30)



New - QR code card for every contact (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Optimization - Enhanced contacts list smoothness (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Optimization - Enhanced call logs list smoothness (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Unknown numbers could not be deleted from calls page (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Pressing dialpad border would intrigue calls list to respond in some themes (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Fixed some random crashes. Enhanced stability (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - One was able to use one account to create several same groups  (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Dial button could not be used in some situations (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)


[Lockscreen, Notification shade, Status bar]

New - Charging tone and charging complete tone (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)



New - Pressing the unread mails number in mails list will go to the current inbox unread mails list (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

New - Mails that were failed to be sent could be re-edited and resent (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Optimization - For exchange accounts,  mails that were failed to be sent will not affect the delivery of following mails (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Optimization - Enhanced quick operations efficiency in unread mails page (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Choosing automatic sync would consume more power if Imap protocol didn't support it (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Exchange accounts contacts sync problem (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Mails that were failed to be sent would be sent repeatedly (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)

Fix - Download failure in mails list and mails content page (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)



Fix - Event display and reminder of customized anniversary in Contacts (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-30)



Fix - Phone numbers with prefix +86 could not be blocked (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-28)



Optimization - Optimized bluetooth file sending function, enhanced file sending speed (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-28)


[Mi Account]

Optimization - UI of authorized login (10-29)


[Mi Cloud]

New - New UI of Mi Cloud storage space page (Mi 3/4 W/C) (10-29)


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